Plan, Prepare, Perform

Condition your body for your next tournament or event

Plan, Prepare, Perform

Condition your body for your next tournament or event.

Welcome to Cabrera-PT

Based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Cabrera Performance Training looks to provide trainees of all ages, levels and various sporting codes with a professional service utilising the most relevant evidence-based practice within the field of Strength and Conditioning.  At Cabrera Performance Training you will be trained by a qualified professional who is accredited with Exercise Sport Science Australia (ESSA) and Australian Strength & Conditioning Association (ASCA).

Our proven 3 step approach

Success is the result of a well designed plan based on an honest assessment as well as your willingness to invest time, energy and effort in order to achieve your goals.

1 - Plan

To start planning we begin with an accurate assessment which will assist and identify the right strategy for your current capabilities. An assessment helps reduce the chance of injuries, and helps you measure the effectiveness of your training program. Based on your original goals and assessment results, a training plan is designed to help you target your specific strengths and weaknesses

2 - Prepare

Once you have established and understand your training plan, Cabrera-PT  will safely guide you through the execution and preparation process so that you are able to see and feel the results.

3 - Perform

There is nothing more rewarding than achieving a successful outcome. Cabrera-PT will help you physically prepare, develop and guide your training so that you perform and reach your performance goals. Upon completion of a training block, we reassess, update and progress the training plan accordingly.